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Specific Area Vegetation Management

We believe in preserving the beauty of our community by maintaining our land and other areas free of weeds.  Vegetation controlled treatments are carefully applied so invasive weeds area eliminated from roadsides, parking lots, sidewalks, landscape and turf. 


Zone 45 offers extensive services to maintain desirable vegetation to protect property values, pedestrians, driver’s safety and to prevent soil erosion. However, in some cases the primary vegetation focus is where complete bare ground vegetation control is desirable.  This type of weed management leaves the ground without vegetation cover which is known as total vegetation control.   



right-of-ways, road sides

fence lines, pathways, alley perimeters, sidewalk cracks,

brush, building perimeters


bare grounds, parking lots, gravel lots, industrial lots, utility substations, railroad right-of ways, guard rail


over growth brush

"Take a look a some unmanage weeds" 

fence lines weeds
weeds on path ways
weeds in cracks
road side weeds


  Weed & Pest Management

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