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Weed Management

If your tired of ugly weeds from sidewalk cracks, parking lots, along fence lines, alley ways, or anywhere they don't belong, We can help...

"Call ZONE45 for solutions to managing your weed needs"


Bare Ground Control & Sterilant

Landscape & Turf Control 

Noxious & Invasive Weed Control

Aquatic Weed Control


"We specialize in unwanted WEEDS; emphasis in bare grounds,

right-of-ways, parking lots, sidewalks, fence lines, landscape & turf: including noxious weeds and aquatics control."

Why do we need to manage weeds?

Weeds are not always a problem and can play an important role as they can reduce soil erosion and provide a wide variety of animals, insects and plants with a natural environment.  However, if weeds are not managed and an unwanted plant is allowed to mature and spread its seed, it will take years to remove the successional plants.  As the saying goes, “One year’s seeding means seven year’s weeding".


The presence of weeds is undesirable for a number of reasons.  They compete with desired vegetation, open up attack from other pests and diseases, create human health issues and they are just ugly.


Competition:   Weeds invade plants as they interfere with desirable vegetation for sunlight, space, light, water and soil nutrients.  If left unattended the weed will choke out the plant resulting in reducing harvest quality of desired vegetation.  


Pests & Diseases:  Unwanted crowded weeds provide an attractive host for the development of pathogen diseases such as fungi, bacteria and viruses.


Health:  Weeds can also cause human health problems such as asthma.  Some have chemicals that cause skin irritation or are poisonous if eaten.  


Ugly:  First impressions are critical and weeds detract from the appearance and function of landscapes resulting in a negative impact on property value, customers and visitors.  In addition, some weeds can severely damage paths and walkways which can become hazardous to those walking on them. 


Weeds are the most visible pests and they are a problem for all of us; farmers, homeowners and businesses. 



  Weed & Pest Management

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